Walter & Marianne Kaiser

4. - 8. Mai 1964: Blackpool Dance Festival

Ausschnitte, Informationen und Resultate aus dem Original-Programm und aus "Blackpool my Blackpool" von Kit Hallewell

1. Mr. A. S. Warren, Glasgow, Chairman of Adjudicators
2. Mr. S. Atack, Huddersfield
3. Mr. H. Carter, London
4. Mr. G. Daniels, South Shields
5. Mr. S. Francis, London
6. Mr. E. Hancox, Manchester
7. Miss P. Haylor, London
8. Miss D. Lavelle, London
9. Mr. W. Martin, Liverpool
10. Mr. A. Moore, Kingston-on Thames
11. Mr. B. Philp, Glasgow
12. Mr. F. Spencer, Penge

Festival Organiser: Mrs. I. Ilett


Recognised by the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing Ltd.
Wednesday, May 6th
Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Cha-Cha-Cha
31 couples

This is a Competition open to all Professional Couples, who are 16 years of age or over. Prize money amounting to £120. This competition will commence at 9.35 p.m. approximately.

In the First Round Competitors will dance in Three Sections:

First Section Nos. 1-11 (Eggleton/Winslade, Needham, Gemind, Kaiser, Shinoda, etc.)

Second Section Nos. 12-21 (Dresen, O'Hara, Goodyear, Irvine, etc.)

Third Section Nos. 22-31 (Armstrong/Welch, Voeten/Assmann, Burgess/Freeman, etc.)

Kit Hallewell:

1964 Latin American Championships!

The Latin American events introduced in 1961 had proved so popular, and so great had been the increase in interest in Latin American dancing, that by 1964 it was decided to promote the events to the status of championships and the British Amateur and Professional Latin American Championships were launched...

(– die Popularität und das stark gestiegene Interesse an den lateinamerikanischen Tänzen bewirkte, dass sie in den Championship-Status erhoben wurden.)

The British Professional Latin American Championships created tremendous atmosphere, with three German entries, two Japanese, and the Kaisers from Switzerland trying to repeat in this first Championship their two successes in the Professional Tournament, and again being challenged by the O’Haras. In an early sensation last year’s finalists Len Armstrong and Elaine Welch failed to make the twelve…

Reaching the semi-final but failing to make the final were Peter Eggleton and Brenda Winslade, Michael Needham and Monica Dunsford…

The final six actually finished: first Walter and Marianne Kaiser with first in Samba and Cha Cha Cha, second in Paso Doble, and third in Rumba, second were Robert and Margaret O’Hara with first in Rumba and Paso Doble, but third in Samba and Cha Cha Cha, third were Bill and Bobbie Irvine with third in Paso and second in the other three. Anthony and Valerie Goodyear were fourth, Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman were fifth, and the Japanese Shinodas sixth, Sydney Francis made a mild complaint against ‘gimmicky’ interpretations.

The Result

1st Walter and Marianne Kaiser, Switzerland


2nd Robert and Margaret O'Hara, England

3rd Bill and Bobbie Irvine, England

4th Anthony and Valerie Goodyear, England

5th Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman, England

6th Manabu and Matsuko Shinoda, Japan


Recognised by the Official Board of Ballroom Dancing Ltd.
Friday, May 8th 1964
Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep
51 couples (Kit Hallewell: "- absentees: the Kaisers, Wim Voeten & Jean Assmann…")

1st Bill and Bobbie Irvine, England
2nd Peter Eggleton and Brenda Winslade, England
3rd Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman, England
4th Michael Needham and Monica Dunsford, England
5th Eric Donaldson and Edna Barnett, England
6th Anthony Hurley and Fay Saxton, England
7th Michael Houseman and Valerie Waite, England
7th Sammy Harris and Diane Barron, England
9th Dennis Udell and Joyce Brampton, England
9th Andy Fox and Beryl Wilson, England
11th Len Armstrong and Elaine Welsh, England

19th John Irvine and Shirley Daye, England
24th Günther and Heidegard Dresen, Germany
26th Reg Borrows and Hilda Stirling, England

Previous Winners

(aus dem Blackpool DANCE Festival-Programm)


1963 - Mr. and Mrs. W. KAISER, Switzerland
1962 - Mr. and Mrs. W. KAISER, Switzerland